and we’re back!

2 Oct

Hi. Okay. We’re horrible. We’re sorry.

October 2nd it is at the moment. that’s just about a month since school had started and no portraits?!?

Well here’s one portrait for each day we missed and a different question for each! … All taken yesterday.Did I say we’re sorry? Mi amiga Ashley is away … sick … yeah. So Viveca here begging for your forgiveness!

Well… let’s get started!

Zara A, Foundation

Peanut Butter + Jelly, or Peanut Butter + Honey?
Peanut Butter + Jelly

Whitney C, 2nd Year VA

If you could have any pet, what would you own?
A Chocobo

Tong G, 2nd Year Industrial Design

Pirates or Ninjas?
Ninjas. All the way.

Peter O, 2nd Year Industrial Design

And how about you, Peter. Vikings or Robots?

Silvia S, Foundation

Would you rather wrestle an alligator, or be chased by an ostrich?
I’d rather be chased by the ostrich

Scott K, 2nd Year Industrial Design

If you could only buy one thing in Wal-Mart, what would you buy
A big wheel

Rasine H, 2nd Year VA

Would you rather be stuck with a cough or cold?

Olivia F, 3rd Year VA

Name your favourite brown food.

Lee L, Foundation

What’s your favourite Jell-O flavour?

Kuan L, Foundation

Paper or Plastic bags?

Jonny H, 2nd Year VA

What do you usually like on your flapjacks?
Peanut Butter + Aunt Jemima Syrup

Jason J, Foundation

Would you rather take the escalator or elevator?

Haley E, Foundation

What colour is your toothbrush?

Georgia M, 2nd Year Industrial Design

On a scale from 1-10, rate your hatred for the Granville Island seagulls.
I don’t know… Maybe 2? They don’t bother me that much

Emil O, 2nd Year Film

How many cats would you need before you are eligible to be acknowledged as a “Crazy Cat Lady?”
One. You can be just as crazy with just one cat.

Derek T, 2nd Year Industrial Design

If you could be any Disney character, who would you be?
Rafiki because I am freaky deaky

Sunny C, 2nd Year Communication Design

What is your hidden talent? (perhaps sunny-ness?)
I’m not telling you. (good answer)

Cheryl L, 2nd Year Communication Design

What would you recommend from the market for lunch?
The Indian food

Brent H, 2nd Year VA

If you were stranded on an island and only had a crate of canned food left to eat, what would it be?
Alphaghettis. Currently craving it and I could right a pretty mean little SOS in my bowl.

Bob R, 2nd Year Interaction Design

What do you usually like in your coffee?
Two sugars, a shake of cream.

Arielle W, 2nd Year VA

What do you like in your tacos?
Any authentic mexican fillings, really

Alex R, Foundation

Drive auto, or standard?
Auto, but not my choice.

Alana P, Foundation

Pork + Beans for the rest of your life, or SPAM?
Pork + Beans

Aaron M, 2nd Year Industrial Design

What will you be doing on December… 21st? 22? That 2012 day where everyone is apparently supposed to die… yeah…?
Most likely playing paintball

… and the camera runs out of battery juice (straight up, no lie. devastating).

Regardless, please forgive us once more for our ridiculous tardiness.
but 25/27 or so portraits isn’t half bad… no?

And yo’ group shots and whatnots, kiddays.


until next time! (which I promise won’t be as terribly late!)



9 May

I thought I would start this off with a link to a fantastic song.

Viveca here. Without my partner in crime, Ashley Westerager. (boohoo)
First off, we would like to congratulate the ECU grads of 2012! (that means you, Alex and Wilson)
Unfortunately, the end of these grads journey at Emily Carr also means the end of ECU portraits in the hands of Wilson Lau and Alex Chen. They both started up Portraits of Emily Carr a few months back. Just like UBC’s and SFU’s student-run portrait blogs, Alex and Wilson went around campus capturing student faces and a question of the week. Since they are off to bigger and better things, someone had to continue the weekly tradition! So, Ashley and I decided to attack this one and carry it on throughout our time at Emily Carr. We are both entering the Communication Design degrees, but have always had a big interest in photography. Hopefully this will keep those interests intact!

From Foundation students to Degree Grads, everyone in between has been running around our little campus throughout the last month of April, scrambling to finish final projects, or present pieces in our year-end shows! Unfortunately, Ashley and I have been a little absent from the Emily Carr scene after completing our first year and foundation show. While the Degree Exhibition was setting up, it was a little more that challenging to find some students around campus to capture their answers and faces. All in all, we apologize for the very very few photos in this first post. However, I will be around campus for the months of July and August (getting ahead in school), so don’t be afraid to show your faces!

The question of the week was: “What was your highlight of Spring Semester 2012?”
Chiara, 4th year Industrial Design

IDSA’s portofolio review in Seattle.

Georgia, Foundation student

Getting the chance to explore photography from different approaches, perspectives, and mediums.

Aaaaaaaand Finally (drumroll please!)

We got to ask Wilson and Alex their very own question of the week! (d’awww!)
“What was your most fond memory throughout your four years at ECU?”

Alex, 4th year Communication Design

Throwing paper planes throughout the South Building.

Wilson, 4th year Industrial Design

Making all these friends along the way who have enriched my life.

Whoa! Alright, that was a little easier than I expected. Thank you, wordpress!

I guess I insert group shots here now?



(once again.. d’awww!)

PS –
I actually have no clue who this guy is. But he insisted on being in ECU Portraits so Alex and Wilson snapped his profile.

…So you. Here you go!

Peace, kiddies! Hope to see you around in the summer!

– Vivs

Closing Thoughts In Transition

22 Apr

As the semester comes to an end, so has our time with this project. When we first started this project, all we wanted to do was take some pictures of the student body and maybe meet some new people. We had no idea what kind of response we’d get from the students and how far this blog would go, but we’re proud to say that its has been a great success and truly a wonderful experience. Along the way we’ve shot over 300 portraits, heard many stories, and most importantly, gotten to know the student body a little better. Working on portraits was something we both looked forward to ever week among our busy fourth year schedules. It became a good opportunity for us to take a break from the constant design work we are doing for school. Many people have asked us if this is for a class or a project, and the funny thing is is that it has everything and nothing to do with school at the same time.

As our days as Emily Carr students are coming to a close, we are sad that we have to stop wandering the hallways of the school for portraits, however there is light at the end of the tunnel as even though we are leaving this project, the project itself is not coming to a close. Viveca and Ashely, two up and coming second year design students (who we met from taking their portrait!) will be taking over this blog for the next semester, so keep an eye out for them! We have absolute faith in them in that they are going to carry this blog on and make it awesome!






In closing, we would like to thank Rabi at Portraits of UBC for inspiring our take on this project, everyone who procrastinated on our blog, and most importantly, all the Emily Carr students that let us take their picture and share with us their stories.

It’s been a pleasure!

-Wilson & Alex

Week 23: What Do You Need To Do In Order For You To Feel Successful?

15 Apr

Amy, 4th Year Communication Design

Answer: Know that it’s never a failure but a lesson and that failure actually means growth


Jared, 3rd Year Industrial Design

Answer: To be successful is to have a collaboration between you and others


Joe, 2nd Year Fine Arts

Answer: Appreciating my own work


Kieran, Foundation Student

Answer: Go to bed tired


Emily, Foundation Student

Answer: Working all night long to be successful


Alanna, 3rd Year Communication Design

Answer: The things that I design, if it makes someone smile and think


Group Shot:

Week 22: What Is Your Earliest Memory?

8 Apr

Carling, 2nd Year Design

Answer: Getting an orange monkey in the hospital


Katherine, Foundation Student

Answer: I used to play with a doll that can skate


Ellen, 3rd Year Industrial Design

Answer: Playing in the playground and in my first home


Belen, 3rd Year Interaction Design

Answer: When I was 3, I was with my baby sitter in my house in Spain

Francis, Foundation Student

Answer: Being in an old style home with cedar panels

Jessica, 4th Year Painting

Answer: In my dream, there was a giant butterfly fluttering at me


Jody, 3rd Year Sculpture/Painting

Answer: I was skinning animal hide in the Northwest Territories


Seline, 3rd Year Film

Answer: When I was 5 and watching a documentary about kids in Africa, my uncle asked me what I thought about them. I said “I think they’re skinny and that they should die” (note: she doesn’t think this anymore!)


Megan, 3rd Year Print (Exchange)

Answer: My first time not sleeping in a crib


Aida, 2nd Year Design

Answer: When I was running with my purple slippers, I fell and then my mom laughed


Azade, 2nd Year Design

Answer: Playing with my grandpa in my old house


Group Shots:

Week 21: What Is Your Top Pet Peeve?

31 Mar

Julian, Foundation Student

Answer: Silverfish


Edwin, Foundation Student

Answer: Bad table manners


Gabe, Foundation Student

Answer: Body odour


Holden, Foundation Student

Answer: None


Adrienne, 2nd Year Design

Answer: When people say my name wrong


Zara, 1st Year Masters of Applied Arts

Answer: When I have only 90 cents on my print card and I need to print something for a dollar


Matthew, 4th Year Communication Design

Answer: Dogs shitting on the street


Renata, 3rd Year Sculpture

Answer: People eating with their mouth open


Jesi, 3rd Year Interaction Design

Answer: People locking up their bikes and blocking your bike from getting out


Jeremy, 3rd Year Industrial Design

Answer: Drivers not looking out for cyclists


Group Shots:

Week 20: What Keeps You Focused When You Are Working?

25 Mar

Fan, 3rd Year Industrial Design

Answer: To make it perfect


Ying, 3rd Year Industrial Design

Answer: If I am working, I’m always concentrated


Sam, 3rd Year Industrial Design

Answer: Music


Angela, 4th Year Painting/Sculputre

Answer: Working late at night


Rachel, 3rd Year Communication Design

Answer: Jazz Music


Lisa, 2nd Year Communication Design

Answer: The feeling of being finished


Christine, 4th Year Industrial Design

Answer: Thinking about having my work done


David, 3rd Year Sculpture

Answer: Having a bit of scotch and tea sometimes


Catherine, 4th Year Visual Arts

Answer: The little glimpse of magic in your work that can lead to possibilities


Cheryl, Foundation Student

Answer: Tea and competition


Allison, 3rd Year Illustration

Answer: Seeing the natural sunlight


Group Shots: